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Its a matter of opinion. Red heads tend to not be as attractive as others and young guys especially will judge a girl on how they look.. But honestly one day possibly everyone will find someone who will like them for them.

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Preferences for hair color vary among individuals, and not all guys dislike brunettes. It's important to remember that attraction is subjective and personal, and stereotypes or generalizations about preferences based on hair color may not be accurate for everyone. It's best to focus on being confident in oneself rather than worrying about fitting others' perceived preferences.

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They do!

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Q: Why don't guys like brunettes?
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Do guys find brunettes attractive?

It depends on the guys tastes, but there is definitely lots of people who find brunettes attractive.

Do guys like brunettes?

Its all about perspective, they say " beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Guys look as stuff besides hair colour.

If blondes are dumb what are brunettes?

if blondes are dumb, brunettes are intelligent+alsoBEAUTIFUL. i dont really like stereotypes tbh anyway lolz xx

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Are any Asian guys attracted to white brunettes?

Of course!

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Do women like guys with red hair?

depeds on the girl, like if its a nerd then yeah, but if its a pretty blonde, they usually go for dark brunettes or other blondes

Does Taylor Lautner like brunettes?

he likes only brunettes

What kind of hair do guys like on women?

That totally depends on the guy. Some like short hair, some like long hair. Some like blondes, some like brunettes.

Do Asian guys only like blonde girls?

There is no reason why Asian guys, just like any guys, wouldn't fancy girls with any kind of hair colour. If blondes were the only ones they liked then why are there so many coupled up with brunettes, etc?

Why wont a boy like you?

everyone has differnt taste, ppl dont like people, theres nothing you can do. just NEVER change to fit a guys wnts, dont change for anyone. there are always guys who like YOU, and there are some guys who DONT like you. ...thats how it is

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guys are stupid. some guys dont like fat girls bcuz they dont think they r as pretty. THEY ARE RONG