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Nicotine is addictive. Your body thinks it likes it.

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Q: Why does second hand smoke make you smoke later?
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Does second hand cigarette smoke kill more than first hand cirgarette smoke?

Smoking, but the number killed by second hand smoke is significant, and since these are usually our loved ones, it should give us pause. In fact, it should make us quit.

Does secondhand marijuana smoke make you come up hot on a piss test?

yes, can second hand smoke give you cancer? That answer is yes too.

Can you fail a drug test by inhaling second hand smoke from marijuana?

If you are a habitual user you will need 25-30 days to pass a urine drug test (but allot relies on your height,weight,physical activity,how much you smoke,etc..) and second hand smoke would not make you fail

Can second smoke from marijuana carry cells to another persons body?

If you mean if second hand weed smoke can make you show up on a drug test then yes it can because it can also get you high and the little amount will show

Can second hand meth smoke make you test positive?

If you breathe in a lot of it then yes you can test positive but the count would be low. Same with marijuana or anything else that can be smoked. Kinda like cigarettes, when you're around cigarettes you inhale second hand smoke and that effects you too.

What does smoke free home mean?

a smoke free home means no smoke in the house. TRY preventing second hand smoke, and if u do smoke in the house try not to and try to do it outside. make sure u have a fire escape plan and try to prevent fires.

What will second hand smoke do to you?

Second hand smoke can lead to the same effects of the actual smoker. There a studies that suggest that it has a worst effect than that of the smoker's; however, these studies have not been extensively researched. In a overview second hand smoke can (Allegedly) cause lung cancer, health problems, and increase your chances of heart attack, stroke, asthma related death, etc.

Can your daughter get second hand marijuana smoke from your body after you smoke?

no!! 2nd hand smoke is the smoke you exhale or residual smoke from you cigarette/joint and is only bad when inhaled. smoking anything will leave residue on your clothes that may smell but this is not smoke it is just a smell and can cause no damage to anyone else. it might smell strong and make it obvious you have been getting stoned but that it all it can do

Do cigarettes make pollution?

Yes, it pollutes the air around you and It also gives second hand smoke to others around you. The smoke is very deadly to your health if you smoke and the cigarette smoke is bad for you if inhaled. Cigarettes can pollute the environment if littered. Instead please dispose it properly.

What are the affects of second hand smoke?

Secondhand smoke is poisonous and has over 4000 chemicals, including 50 that can cause cancer. Breathing secondhand smoke can be more dangerous than inhaling smoke through a cigarette. It has twice as much nicotine and tar as the smoke that people smoking inhale and five times more carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that starves your body of oxygen. It's technically worse than normal smoking; which doesn't make sense. But if someone that doesn't smoke breaths in your smoke, it's slightly worse; because they might not be used to it.

Does second hand smoking make you smell?

it all depends where your at. if your buddy and you are clan baking a cig in a car you will smell like smoke a little bit but not for to long

How often do you need to smoke to cause cancer?

Yes, smoking cigarettes (and this goes for smoking marijuana too) have both been strongly linked to the development of many different types of cancer. Reducing how much you smoke or preferably quitting altogether is best.