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You need to go and speak to your doctor about it

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Q: Why does periods last for a month or more?
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You have had your periods twice this month after having a miscarriage last month?


Why have you had two periods in one month straight after one another your periods are normally 30 days?

First of all periods last 5-7 days not do not have two periods in one month STUPID!!

How many periods do you normally get a day?

Periods occur each month not each day Periods last a minimum of 5 days and can range to 7 days.

You had your periods last on the 16th of December When is my due date this month?

Probably like a month later, which is January 16, around there.

How long do fashion styles last?

Short Periods of time like about a month or two.

You had two periods last month and missed your period this month?

If you're in the first 1-2 years of your period, it's normal. If not, call a doctor.

What does it mean to have your period start on the last day of the month?

It doesn't mean anything, it just means that your period happened to start on the last day of the month. When your periods start have nothing to do with the calendar date.

Can women get their periods twice in a month?

A woman can get her period twice a month if she has irregular periods.

You didn't get your periods last month is it normaland what to do to get periods this month?

usually if you are craving some specific food. eat it!. you may get your period. whenever I'm close to my period i want to eat chocolate. whenever my mom is..... she drinks coffee

How often can periods occur?

If it's more then once a month you should see a doctor.

You had your period twice this month could you not have one next month?

You will probably have one next month. It sounds like you are having irregular periods. Going on the birth-control pill can often help sort this out and make your periods more regualr.

Why should you have two periods in a month?

It isn't that abnormal to have two periods in a month. However, sometimes it can occur, if you have a short cycle and your period starts at the beginning of the month. This would make it possible to have two periods in one month.