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A woman can get her period twice a month if she has irregular periods.

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Q: Can women get their periods twice in a month?
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You have had your periods twice this month after having a miscarriage last month?


Can girls get there periods twice in one month?

Yes, they can.

You have had regular periods for a year and then you have two in one month?

periods could happen twice in one month, but the next month, you might miss

Could your periods be coming twice a month because of stress?

It's not that they are coming twice a month it's just that your period never went off because stress makes your periods irregular meaning that they are changing up and switching when they come on and go off.. So no periods cant come on twice a month.

Can women ovulate twice in one month?

Yes, we can. There was a study in Canada, and 10% of the women in the study ovulated twice.

Why do girls get periods twice in a month?

The reason why girls get periods twice in a month probably because they have short cycles. I know, because it happens to me. I had my period on Dec 1, 2 & 3 and then I had again on Dec 28,29 & 30 =)

Bi-Monthly pay?

Paid twice a month (24 pay periods a year)

Why would i have 2 periods a month?

Some women get their periods more frequently than others. The general time in between is 23-28 days. If you get it every 23 days, you'll get it twice in one month sometimes. If it happens more frequently, I'd say see a doctor.

Can you get your period twice a month?

Some girls do get there period twice a month like at the begin of the month and at the end of it. If you are having two periods close together that's something that you should go get checked out at the doctors.

What does it mean if you are menstruating twice a month?

If you are menstruating twice a month, it means that your periods are irregular. Normal menstruation occurs once a month. You could make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options if your menstrual cycle is bothering you.

You take birth control and you get your period regular for 6 days always it has never changed even on birth control but you got it for 3 days twice in the same month and it wasnt the same as always?

Don´t worry. Women have irregular periods all the time. Even women with regular periods get irregular periods from time to time.

How do you know when you have your periods?

A women has a period once a month and you know(unfortunately) when it happens

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