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but the reason is to keep the bugs out

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So that it wont be skunky

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Q: Why do you put limes in beer?
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What kind of things can you put in your beer besides tomato juice and limes?

Big green olives are really good in beer.

Why do people purchase limes with beer?

To make Mojitos. A lime flavored beer.

Are there peanuts in beer?

no there is no peanuts in beer put you could put the in if you want

What do you call the cups that you put beer in?

A beer stein.

Why do people put limes in lakes?

Because depression makes them. I saw my friend put tomatoes in a lake once. Not pretty.

What happens when you put beer in the freezer for to long?

beer exploits

What is 'limes' in German?

Limes in German is also Limes but pronounced LEE-mess

Where do limes come come from?


Why does a slug die when put in a bowl of beer?

It dies from the alcohol in the beer.

Why did people put salt in draft beer?

Some people put salt in draft beer because it changes the taste.

In the twits what did Mrs twit do to her husbands beer?

she put glass eye in his beer

Are Limes in Brazil?

Yes, we have limes in Brazil. Except what north Americans call limes we call lemons.