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Most people actually do get hungry after they smoke

Its a fact that weed actually helps you have more of an appetite

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2010-04-22 00:10:26
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Q: Why do you never get hungry when you smoke weed?
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What happens when you smoke weed when your sad?

You get happy and hungry and sleepy

Do teletubbies smoke weed?

Probably not. They are never seen on TV smoking weed.

Can weed kill you if you smoke it sometimes?

Smoking Weed has never killed anyone.

Did trey songz ever smoke weed?

Never and i swear Trey will never smoke that may be if he is bewitch

What is your opinion on weed?

Weed inst bad at all. it makes you sleep and hungry you don't get addicted to you its the safest "drug" you'll ever smoke.

Does Hayley Williams smoke weed?

no she has never tried drugs.

How do you become hungry all the time when you smoke marijuana?

I don't know, but if I were hungry all the time, i'd quit doing weed. Just an opinion.

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

Why do you get so hungry when you smoke weed?

well iv been doing my research because all this weed smoking i do makes me hungry and i dont like that i let me tell you i love the high. But the reason that you eat is becasue when you smoke your suger levels drop wich makes youi hungry and you crave lots of things which will be diffrents for everyone and weed smoking doesnt make everyone hungry just some. I just wanted to make sure i said not everyone gets hungry because some people get mad when people think everyone gets hungry after smoking weed. hope that helps

Does micheal jordan smoke weed?

Michael Jordan does not smoke weed. Michael Jordan has never stated that he drinks alcohol or partake in illegal drugs.

Can you drink weed?

no... you can eat it smoke it. all that stuff, but i've never seen weed in liquid form.

What in weed makes you hungry?

The'...Light Green stuff in weed makes you hungry

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