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Q: How much weed do you have too smoke to know your a stoner?
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What makes someone a stoner?

a SToner is when you get weed and smoke by yourself and uhh not just smoking weed ALOTT

What are Stoners?

Stoner's are people who smoke the illegal drug, marijuanna. It could be an example of a person using another drug, but is usually just someone influenced with weed. A person who has, or smokes weed sometimes is not a stoner. They would have to smoke weed very often, or even alone to be considered one. (: Stoners= smoke, eat, sleep, live life up!

How high do you get off Cymbalta 60 mg?

Just smoke weed bro, toke on my fellow stoner. toke on...

What is the effects of canabis?

it's simply make you stronger and happy!! right stoner pips?? hahaha smoke weed everyday.

Can you smoke weed in Amsterdam at 16 and get away with it?

If you know people, you can. but officialy it is from the age of 18 possible to smoke weed.

How much weed could a poop moose smoke if a poop moose could smoke weed?


How much weed do you have to smoke in order to hallucinate?

Weed (marijuana) is not a hallucinogen.

What did miley say after the Bob Marley theme birthday cake had been brought out?

Immediately after her Bob Marley-themed birthday cake had been brought out, Cyrus said, "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f****n' weed."

How high do you get of weed?

it depends on how much you smoke.

How much weed can you smoke before testing positive?

it doesnt matter how much you smoke. as soon as you smoke it, its in your system.

Does bow wow smoke weed?

Nobody smokes weed until people know.

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!