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To get their attention or you know do it

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Q: Why do women flirt and touch men?
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Do gay men flirt with women?

Yes, sometimes gay men flirt with women, most often to be funny.

How do women flirt with women?

The same way they flirt with men. Make eye contact that is longer than a glance and see what the reaction is.

How do women now when to flirt with men?

You see a large his back pocket.

Why do men flirt with other women?

Sometimes, men just want to be noticed and think the woman is pretty. He wants to start a relashonship with her.

What is the difference between coquette and flirt?

As a noun they are interchangeable, I think, except coquettes are always women and maybe a man can be a flirt, but the word is not used much for men.

Why do married men flirt with other women?

For the same reasons that married women flirt with other men. Married isn't dead. I do it because I like to see the ladies smile and laugh, and because everyone enjoys a compliment. After 11 years, my wife is pretty used to it. Others may flirt for other reasons. If it's your husband, it something you should ask him.

I like to flirt with men and have them look at me but I am sexually more comfortable with women. Am I gay?

No,its perfectly fine for a man to be flirtatious with a man but you might be bisexual .

How do you flirt with venezuelan men?

Be friendly with him.

Is flirting natural?

Quite indeed, flirting is a natural behaviour of human being. We were given our eyes and senses and we do use it to see beautiful things like flowers, nice clothes, attractive man or woman. Not only men who flirt, women also flirt but in a different manners. When men flirt, sometimes it gets out of hands and sometimes they use a verbal words. But when women flirt, we do it in a civilized way like admiring how nice he dress, how he walk, the masculine of his body. We do not go crazy and drool because we see such a handsome guy that know how to handle himself. This are the difference of flirting between men and woman.

How do you flirt without words?

Touch the person you want to flirt with or stare at them and if they see you staring don't be embarassed, smile at them.

What is a really cute way to flirt with a guy?

touch him a lot!!!!!

Do women sing to flirt?

Women may sing to flirt. As Maya Angelou says "A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."