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Because the hormones cause bloating

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Q: Why do women bloat during their menstrual cycle?
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Why do women cramp before and during menstrual cycle?

Because your menstrual cycle is the lining of your uterus shedding.

Can women have yoga during menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle - I think you mean during menstruation.Yes, a woman can practice yoga during menstruation, in fact some poses can be very beneficial to menstrual health and ease menstrual cramps.

Who is allowed in a mosque?

women are not allowed into a mosque during menstrual cycle.

Why do women get emotional during their menstrual cycle?

Because their hormone balance is upset.

During the nine months do women still see their menstrual cycle?

Normally, women do not have periods or bleeding during pregnancy.

Why Rwanda African women do not have a menstrual cycle?

Women in Rwanda do have a menstrual cycle, like women in any other country do.

Is coffee bad for women when their on their menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to the entire reproductive cycle, a healthy fertile woman will always experience their menstrual cycle - I think you mean on their period/during menstruation.It's perfectly fine to have coffee during menstruation or at any other time of your menstrual cycle, for some women coffee can increase cramps so they may want to avoid coffee however on the flip side coffee can reduce menstrual flow so good for women with heavy periods.

does a menstrual cycle start only in the daytime?

No - the menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle that women experience all the time, if you are asking specifically about menstruation then that can start during the day or overnight.

Can men have a Menstrual cycle?

No. Only women can menstruate, because men, by definition, do not have the required equipment.Men can be influenced by the female menstrual cycle, because women release hormones during their cycles, and men respond to them subconsciously.

When does ovulation occur during the menstrual cycle in a normal healthy woman?

on the 14th day for a women who is having 28 days cycle.

Why do girls stomach hurts when they have they menstrual cycle?

The uterus is near the stomach and during the menstrual cycle the uterus becomes inflamed and women usually experience menstrual cramps.Due to the close proximity of the stomach digestion can also be painful

What is follicular wave?

during the menstrual cycle, follicular wave is where the time it starts as a tertiary stage follicles to ovulation. the follicular wave consists of each cycle a women (female) goes through the menstrual cycle.

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