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1. to be cool

2. its a habit

3. some times life can be stressful so the brain tells you its necessary

4. its really not right to drink there are other cures for stress. oh and it doesn't make you cool it makes you stupid

5.To get there ins. to get a root :)

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Answer: Well, the main reason people may smoke/drink is that they are addicted to it. When the majority of smokers/drinkers do what they do, they do it due to stress. The more a drinker/smoker gets their drugs it may give them the urge to want more the more they are stressed.

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People drink alcohol for so many reasons. One common reason is to escape from the reality. Some drink as medicine thinking that alcohol will help circulate blood to each corner of the body. Some drink to socialize themselves as they can talk without much inhibition. Some consider alcohol as a part of the meals. Remaining others drink to kill themselves.

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There are probably a number of reasons why people may use peer pressure to try to encourage others to smoke, drink, or use drugs. Here are some of the possibilities:

1. The people doing the encouraging are smoking, drinking, or using drugs themselves. They don't want to feel alone in what they do, and they don't want to change. They may have some repressed guilt. So if you are doing it too, it helps them to justify it in their own minds.

2. They may honestly think they are helping. They may associate smoking, drinking, and/or drugs with fun, or they may think you are not having a good time. They may have warped moral values and see you as ruining your life by being a responsible person.

3. If they are criminally-minded, they may want you to partake of these things to make you vulnerable or exploit you in some way. For instance, someone may get a person drunk to sexually assault them. Or, someone may try to get you to live with them, and they may give you as much alcohol and tobacco products as you want. They may also take out an insurance policy on you. So they would want you to get sick and die so they can collect on the policy they have out on you, and if that doesn't work fast enough and their greed takes over, they may cause you to have an "accident."

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Becoz they like it ! ;)

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Q: Why do the people drink alcohol?
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