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People usually take drugs or drink alcohol because their friends do it, their parents do it or they have problems at home or at school

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Q: Why do people take drugs or drink alcohol?
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Can you drink alcohol if you take heart drugs?


What are your views on the NHS treating people who drink or take drugs?

Peole shouldn't drink or do drugs. eos.

What is bad for epilepsy?

Drink alcohol, don't take the medication on time , use drugs, etc

What are the efffects of alcohol?

people who take drugs are usually out of control.

Does Rupert Grint drink or smoke or do drugs at all?

He doesn't smoke or take drugs however he does drink, as do most people.

Can I drink it while am pregnant?

It depends on what 'it' is? The medical advice is not to drink alcohol or smoke (or take drugs!) while pregnant. As they can effect the development of your baby.

What drugs did Picasso take?

the only drug Pablo Picasso used what smoke week and he also drink alcohol

What should people who are driving plan to do on a night out to be on the safe side?

if you are planning to be the designated driver, then you shouldn't drink alcohol or take drugs, or even be near people who are taking drugs, as passive smoking can still harm your health and impair your senses.

Is it dangerous to drink alcohol and take cocaine while taking steroid?

cause drugs is bad for your lungs and you may die!

Does One Direction drinkand take drugs?

They drink, yes. But they do not take drugs

What are Heath problems from drugs and alcohol?

You can get fat with all the empty calories in alcoholic drinks and slowly kill yourself with alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is a depressant and if you want to drink, make sure to take it in slowly, otherwise your body doesn't have the time to process it. For drugs, if you share needles you can get HIV and AIDS. Drugs also slowly kill you.

Can you take ecstasy with alcohol?

87% of people who drink alchohol whiel on ecstacy will die.

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