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its a natural thing men are usually attracted to women

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Q: Why do teenage boys stare at teenage girls breasts?
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Why do boys stare at girls butt everytime when you walk?

They are attracted to your physical features. Also, for the most part, men just do that. There is no specific reason. Boys will be boys.

Why do boys like staring at girls chest a lot?

As boys grow into men they have whats called testosterone and this can make them horny or sexually interested and one of the things they enjoy doing is staring at girls chestsThis is because the males are sexually attracted to the females' breasts. These are a sensitive part to the females' body and they stare at them to satisfy themselves.ResponseComing from a guy, its just because boobs are just awesome. They are one of the best things god ever made-he even made them for men so that gay guys don't have to miss out. They're just freakin' sweet

Do girls have better eyesight than boys?

Not really, although they are less prone to genetic eyesight disorders (colour blindness). Girls just appear to have better eyesight than boys because they are more vocal in criticising what they see.

Why does this girl stare at me but when I talk to her she can't make eye contact and is very timid?

When she does this, she most likely likes you. Girls can sometimes be very shy and nervous around boys they like, so they try to avoid looking into their eyes, seeing as it'll most likely make them even more nervous and shy. Although, if you like this girl, I'd say things are looking good for you. Try asking her out if you're feeling confident :)

Is Luna a girl or boys name?

would u name a boy moon or a depends on what kind of name ur looking for...but to me its a girls name

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What size breasts do teenage boys love?

The size of breasts teenage boys love is any as long as you have some

Do teenage girls or teenage boys runaway more?

Teenage girls tend to run away more often then Teenage boys. For every boy that runs away 3 girls do.

What are teenage boys afraid of?

What teenage girls think of them.

What do boys stare at when they look at girls?

They stare at their any part of there body.goodlooking girs

Why do boys stare at girls bobbies?

he wants in your bra

Girls stare at which thing in boys?

Face or eyes.

What is the primary interest that boys have in girls?

Boys like girl's butts and their boobies. You can tell when you walk near them. They stare and stare.

What do teenage boys think are hot in teenage girls?

First of all teenage boys think constantly about teenage girls. We just want good looks and a smiling face too and style also matters.

Why do teenage boys not show how they feel about teenage girls?

theyre afraid of rejection.

Do teenage boys stare at teenage girls breasts and if so why do they Include if you are a boy or a girl in your answer?

It's very possible that they do that because when you stand up that's what they ussally look at.The reason why is because...They probally judge you with there friends or they like you but they cant help it NO BOY CAN, Its phiscally impossible.:]] Sorryif i guy stares at a girls boobies then you probally have big once and you need a great but to go with it.and they probally want to do "stuf"with you .that is why a guy looks at a girls boobies you have huge proudYes, They always stare! Its really embarrasing! They look at your ass, then your boobs, its like my boobs arent going to talk to you. Even when your walking along and there is a group of boys walking past they always stare! So Embarrasing! They stare at boobs because they don't have them, the same reason we look at their nuts whenever we get the chance

Why do girls have breasts and boys don't?

they do girls jst grow there and we have shlongs