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Believe me, retarded people are not acting. People who play act, imitating what they believe is a retarded person's behavior, are simply ignorant and probably in desperate need of attention with a severely retarded self-esteem. Such 'actors' are considered bullies, ridiculing the defenselessness of another person.

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Q: Why do people act retarded?
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What is the federal law that protects mentally retarded and autism people?

The 'Americans with Disabilities Act' (ADA).

Why do retarded people try to act smart?

I have known many mentally retarded people and not one of them try to "act" smart. There are degrees of retardation and many can understand derision directed at them, at that time someone may become defensive and say things that you may interpret trying to "act" smart. Those that have experienced a lot of negative treatment may develop a "public persona" in an effort to fly under the radar of abusers. And, believe it or not, many retarded people are also quite smart, they will sometimes amaze you what they figure out and how they perceive things.

Are mentally retarded people sterile?


Do people in Texas kill retarded people?

The Supreme Court has ruled it is unconstitutional to EXECUTE ( for a capital crime) a mentally retarded person.

In the context of intellectual disability the great majority of people so challenged are classified as being retarded.?

About 3-4% of the mentally retarded population is severely retarded.

Are you retarded if your friends call you retarded?

== == * NO, you are not. * Your 'friends' are not worthy of your friendship.* No you are not retarded in any way. Those people who you call your friends are not friends. I recommend finding new friends to be with.

How many Americans are retarded?

a lot of people

Who are some famous retarded people?


Did mental retarded people have options in the 1930's?


How were mentally retarded people treated in 1930s?

They were treated as criminals.

How many mentally retarded people live in the United States?

About 6-7.5 million mentally retarded individuals live in the United States alone.

How does mild mental retardation compare to profound mental retardation?

Mildly retarded people can live alone if necessary and often get married. Profoundly retarded people need caring in their whole life.