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Check that you have the latest version of the iPod Touch software. The latest version of your software fixes any bugs that prevent apps from opening or spontaneously closing.

If you have the 3.0 software, very few apps still are not capable for that software, and will never stop closing out.

If you have the iOS4, then check to see that the app works with iOS4. Most apps should have been updated within the couple weeks of the release of the iPhone 4.

Also, try redownloading the apps, which may help.

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Q: Why do my iPod Touch's apps keep closing out?
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Why does your IPod keep logging you out of your apps?

This usually happens when you ipod needs to charge, or either you didn't close your other apps properly.

If you get a new ipod can you you keep the apps on your new one?

Yes. As long as you are using the same iTunes Store account that you downloaded the apps on originally, you will be able to sync your apps to the new iPod.

Why does itunes want to download apps back on to your ipod that you've already deleted?

Because you have asked it to keep your apps synced. Set it for manual syncing to manage your apps manually.

How do you delete apps with a iPod touch with a camera?

keep you finger on it until it shakes, then press the x

What are good free ipod apps for students to keep track of their homework?

mmm notes app

How many pages of apps can you get on the iPod touch?

It depends on how much capacity your ipod has and how much space the app takes up, you can keep track of how much free space you have on your ipod by clicking your ipod on the sidebar in itunes when it is connected. As many pages as you want. If you run out of space (gigabytes) then your iPod cannot have any more apps on it.

Why do my Iphone 4 apps keep opening and closing in a split second?

Maybe you need to update to iOS 4.3

Will Reset iPod 4g delete apps?

Yes. But you can put them back on for free and you can keep the data if you back them up on iCloud

Whenever you plug your iPod touch into the computer it says you need to restore it If you restore it will you be able to keep all your apps and songs that you downloaded from the iPod?

once restored, everything is gone!

My iPod speakers keep turning on I have an 8GB iPod touch and whenever I have my iPod in my Altec Lansing iMT520 speakers the speakers randomly turn on every hour or so?

try turning off the notifications from the apps

How do you not sync your apps with your computer but still keep them on your device?

I think it would work if u just sync your ipod into a different device and maybe that would work . I have an ipod of my own and synced my ipod into a different device and it didnt download anything . But i might be wrong .

What is the difference between ipod touch and iPad?

The REAL difference between a iPad and a iPod touch is that a iPod does not have usb, but neither of them have a gps or camera. Also all the garbage being said about how heavy the iPad is is all wrong because it is about the sameweight as a magazine.