Why does RuneScape keep closing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A better link to play it through is the stable server:

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Q: Why does RuneScape keep closing?
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How can you block in RuneScape?

Currently, blocking is not possible on Runescape. Players will simply walk through another player if they are in the way. However, closing doors can prevent players from simply clicking into a building (though eventually, a door jam effect will be put into place after rapid closing/opening).

Why does your runescape keep exiting?

Some internet Browsers tend to crash if too many programs are running at the same time. To counter this, try closing a few programs down, along with background ones you don't need.

How do you get high levels on runescape?

Keep training.

How do you keep convertible top in good shape?

don't keep opening and closing it

How do you get the master of races in RuneScape?

Simple, you just have to keep practicing.

Is there a way to keep your hacking money on runescape?

yes child

How do you get to the wilderness on RuneScape?

Teleport to Varrock, and keep heading North.

What items can you keep when you become F2P in runescape?

you can keep all your items but you can't use them in F2P.

What makes the blazer doors keep from closing tightly?


Why does a parakeet keep closing its eyes?

Maybe because its tired.

How do you get to 99 in RuneScape?

you keep training your skill to get up to lvl 99

Why does my RuneScape bot keep failing to install?

well really you should not be even using a bot! Using a bot on RuneScape is against the rules.