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Men do not turn gay in prison. Nobody can turn gay. It's simply not possible to change sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly at birth.

Men have sex with other men in prisons because there are no opposite-sex partners for them.

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Q: Why do men turn gay in prison?
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Related questions

What percent of men turn gay in prison?

0% of men turn gay in prison. Nobody can turn gay. It's simply not possible to change sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly at birth.Same-sex sexual activity doesn't mean the person is gay.

Are all men in prison gay?


Is prison a gay breeding ground?

No. Gay people do not breed. Also, most men in prison are straight.

Does prison make you gay?

No, this is a myth. There are some straight men in prison who will engage in same sex behavior in the absence of women. There are also some gay men in prison who continue to be sexually active while behind bars.But nothing can make a person "gay" if they weren't born gay.

Is it true that most guys that are sent to prison turn out gay?

No. They don't actually turn gay. In an all male environment such as prison or the military, many men will turn to other men for sex. There's nothing unusual about this: most guys are capable of homosexual acts, even if we don't usually do it. Sex may also be used to dominate or humiliate another man, which is rape, of course. There are gay virgins, of course, just as there are straight virgins, who may discover their sexual orientation in such places. But the fact is, if you weren't gay before you went into prison, you won't be gay when you get out. (But you may have to admit to yourself that you're bisexual!)

If your gay how do you get a striaght man?

You don't. Just as gay men cannot turn straight, it's the same for straight men; they cannot turn gay.

Do prisoners turn gay if they get life in prison?

They don't turn gay because sexual orientation is unchangeable, but there is no choice if they want to have sex.

What percent of men are gay in prison?

About 3.5% to 8%, same as on the outside.

Boys who don't have fathers men can turn boy gay?

NO!!! If you are not gay you cannot be made to be gay.

When do men turn out to be gay the most?

They turn out to be gay mostly when they are attracted to members of the same sex, and then decide to come out.

Why do men turn gay after being with a woman?

Nobody can "turn" gay. It's impossible to change your sexual orientation.

How do you turn a boy gay?

you have to watch men porn or kiss a gay guy to turn gay Being gay is sometimes a biological imperative , or a lifestyle choice, but you can NOT turn someone gay against their natural inclinations.

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