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because he feels as if you dont love him. cause if you loved him you trust him, see all men and women believe that you can not love if you dont trust! if hes not gave you a reason to ask him that then dont. cause you only push him away! Because he is really cheating and he gets fustrated when you ask him. He thinks your on to him and he's scared he may lose you. He still loves you but he scared to love you more. Or he's trying out new things cause your either not saticfying him enough or he's bored. He knows your the one but he doesnt know how to handle it. He gets mad because he is guilty. If he truly was being faithful he should be able to look you in the eye and tell you with sincerity that he is not. I asked mine once if he was, or rather told him I was pretty sure he was and he flipped out on me. He couldn't even look at me. So, I know he was guilty as sin! Why do we get mad? We get mad because after all this time YOU are still so insecure and untrusting of US. This is not a sign of guilt but of frustration.

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  • Some men may have been cheated on before or their own mothers may have cheated on their father. Other men may not have confidence or feel they are good enough for the woman they love and fear losing her to someone else. Then there are some men that cheat themselves and since they do they automatically think the woman they are with is cheating on them.
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accusing them of cheating shows that you have no trust in them.

or it could be that they get angry to cover up the fact that they did cheat...

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Because they want out and need a reason, or they are really insecure and don't want to be the one with the problem.

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Q: Why do men get angry when accused of cheating?
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