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guys like girl butts boobs legs etc

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Q: Why do men alway look and or touch and or kiss a girls butt?
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Why does your girlfriend playfully touch and squeeze your butt when kissing?

A girl smiling when you touch her bottom could mean many things. She thinks you are being funny. She is embarrassed. She likes you. She wants to engage in profane activities with you.

Should you touch your girlfriend's butt on first kiss if you are 13?

Probably not. Not on the first kiss if you're 13, 18 or 68. It's not good manners. Stick with just a kiss buddy boy. Touch butt later.

When is the next time in 2012 mindless behavior coming to Memphis?

Kiss butt and girls and boys

How do you kiss a ram's butt?

first get a rodeo clown then tell the clown to distract it then kiss its butt

What would you do if you had a super hot 17 year old girlfriend with huge breasts wearing a black bra with machine guns coming out of them?

kiss my girls bra and kiss her butt

What does ktb stand for?

kick their butt kiss that butt

What does it mean when a boy stares at a girls butt and then stare at her lips?

As a guy, i admit i do this. When a guy stares at a girls butt, it means he is attracted to you. When he stares at your lips, he is hinting that he wants to kiss. I don't know if you are in a relationship with this guy, but if you are, take the risk when he stares at your lips and kiss him! Guys make the first move a lot, but they love it when the girl does!

Did Dylan Bottams ever kiss a donkeys butt?

This is Dylan Bottams and I did kiss a donkeys butt and it was yummy

How do you say kiss my butt in Italian?

"baciare il mio culo" meens kiss my butt in Italian

What does chocolate kiss saidsarcasticallymean?

Two partners spread their butt cheeks, and touch buttholes together. A french chocolate kiss is where one partner poops in the other partners butthole. Source :