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One of the reasons in because lesbians are good lovers. They can understand the feelings of the one they love. as a straight man that loves women very much, i can now see why it is hard meeting straight women today for all of us straight men out there that are really looking to meet one good woman to spend the rest of their life with. it seems to me a lot of these women in the past that had men were very abusive to them and now will meet another woman to have a relationship with. to me this is very disgusting to see women going for other women now. i never realized that there are so much more lesbians now than ever before. this seems to be the new trend, and it is increasing day by day. now where does this leave us good men that want to meet women? it has become a real problem for us men that are looking to meet the right one, especially when we go out a lot and always seem to meet the very nasty low life ones instead of the good ones. these women must have been very badly abused by their parents as well, which explains it. being alone and single now really sucks, especially when there are so many men out there that were very lucky to have met the right women in their life and have children. i hope to be lucky enough to meet the right one soon.

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Q: Why do many straight girls fall in love with lesbians?
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How do gays and lesbians fall in love?

Gays and lesbians fall in love in the same way that heterosexual people do - through building emotional connections, shared interests, and mutual attraction. Sexual orientation doesn't change the fundamental experience of falling in love.

Do girls love guy?

Only if there not lesbians

How do lesbians hook up?

They fall in love and that's okay!

What is strawberry panic about?

Its about a new girl whi goes to a all girls school but all the girls are lesbians and she finds out when one of the girls try to kiss her but soon she becomes a lesbian to and fall in love with the same girl.

Why do lesbians not like men?

They are "lesbians" which mean they like/love girls. Lesbians often have male friends they are just not attracted to men sexually.

What is a word when two girls love each other?


Is it odd to fall in love with a lesbian?

who ever says its odd or weird to fall in love with lesbians or with the same gender its not odd its how they feel about the person its about the love they share :)

Do girls fall in love easily?

No, it is not easy for a girl to fall in love.

What are lesbions?

basically lesbians are two girls that are in love with each other in stead of a man a women.

Why do girls moan when they are making love?

Because they are lesbians and are not worried about v.d. diseases or unplanned pregnancies.

How do you say lesbians love me in french?

Lesbians love me

Can lesbians get married?

Yes, they can. But sometimes, not in the local church. There has been something going around to see if it'll be allowed to make civil relationships. So i'm not 100% sure.. but.. i think so.