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Q: What is a word when two girls love each other?
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What is the word for always present?

Megan and Dylan love each other

What does the greek word storage mean?

The Greek word Storage means (Family Love) This is the love family members have for each other.

A word that is similair in meaning?

i love russhian girls

What is the blackfoot word for love?

In Blackfoot you have to express the idea with a verb, such as kitsiikákomimmo (I love you) or akomimmiyuk (love each other), or akomimmis k'inna (love your father) or nit'akomimmo (I love him).

What is a sentence using the word responding variable?

I love girls

girls love boy?

is haveing the s word fun

What is the most important biblical command to live by?

The Bible sums it up in one word, "Love." We are to first love our creator God and next we are to love each other.

What do we do when we're in love with 2 girls?

How can you be in love with two girls? I can understand its like but love? Are you sure you love those two girls? Love is a pretty strong word. You can't be in love with 2 different girls. You probably just fancy them both and don't know the difference. You should choose the one you like the most and go out with them.

Why do People in love perceive each other more positively than others perceive them?

Hence the word LOVEsee link

What does chicatita mean in English?

chicatita is a word that means "my little girl" it is used when a guy likes someone and that they are dating each other or when he is married to the love of his life. chicatita is also a slang word also meaning "tiny chick" or "shorty" most guys us this term to get close to girls.

Why do girls float boys?

define the word "float" and "girls" hahaha prob to get the boy's attention/love, if its what im thinking

What if your best friends true love and you play around and say you hate each other but you think he likes you what do you do?

I feel the word hate is not a good word to call your friend.

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What is it called when two girls like each other?

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