Why do guys like bad girls?

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2012-06-02 14:45:24

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So girls can take risk with the guys taking risk

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2012-06-02 14:45:24
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Q: Why do guys like bad girls?
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Do girls like good guys or bad?

good girls like good boys and bad girls like bad boys

Do girls like smart guys if their not bad looking?

If they're nice guys. And girls can like guys even if he's ugly. :)

Why do most girls like the bad guys or guys that don't respect them?

Its a phase they will grow out of it.

Why do all girls like bad guys?

relationships are all about power and the chase. girls like bad boys because they are a challenge for them

Do guys like classy or bad girls?

They like hot and fiesty girls they like a lady in the streets but freaks in the sheets

Why do guys talk bad about girls they like?

they are just trying to bad asses and think there are the boss. :)

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Do girls like guys of 5.9?

Yes,tall is good. is personaly like tall guys,but its bad if you towerover the girl you like and scare her.

Who do good girls like?

For some weird reason, good girls usually like bad guys. I'm not saying all good girls like bad guys, it's just that a majority of them do. Now all you guys out there who like good girls, don't just decide to change your whole personality for her. This is coming from a girl herself. I'd call myself a good girl, but I can't stand bad guys. Try to get on her good side, the side that'll like you for who you are.

What girls find attractive in guys?

Well I find the "comedy dude" attractive the most. Some like "bad boys", "shy guys", "sporty guys", "romantic guys", "talented guys", "lazy guys", "smart guys", "sensitive guys", there is just a lot that girls like. So they like their personality. They like looks, style, and lots of things.

Why do good girls want bad boys?

girls want bad guys because it makes them feel like they are like evedyone else or because they know their parents wont like him

Why do girls like the bad boy?

it turns themm on i guess (Haruna)- Its because the girls that like them are bad also. Bad girls just put on better false personage than guys can. Trash likes other trash... its proven.

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