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because god make this way so it shows a girl went through puberty and she a women and ferile

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Q: Why do girls get curves?
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Do Albanian girls have curves?

Yes! Like all girls, Albanian girls have curves too!

Why do girls have curves?

To adjust their babies on them

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Why do boys only like skinny girls with bones sticking out and no curves?

This stereotypes all males. Some boys are attracted to skinny girls because that's what they're attracted to. There are some guys who like curves, trust me.

Do boys like curvy or skinny girls?

Depends on where the curves are and on a particular boy's preferences.

Why do guys like girls with curves?

Not all guys do, it depends on the guys taste in women.

What type of girls does Tom Kaulitz like?

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well i cant really say that.. it depends on what the boys is like and what his taste is in girls!

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yeah.. Asians are attracted to White girls even if they're Slim with Curves (Curvy) or just Slim or Fat..! but White girls are not Attracted to them S:

Are a girls curves supposed to be identical on both sides?

Of course not. Everybody is different. Nothing is identical on any human