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well i cant really say that.. it depends on what the boys is like and what his taste is in girls!

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Q: Do boys prefer skinny or fat girls?
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Do guys like skinny girls or fat girls?

The majority of guys in the world prefer skinny girls, and that's a fact.

Do girls like slim boys?

i personally prefer chubby or fat guys.. really skinny guys or "athletic" or whatever is a turn off for me.

Why do boys hate fat girls but like skinny ones?

Boys like skinny girls more than fat girls because the fat girl may not be his type/pretty. Boys like to walk with girls and be proud that their girlfriend is skinny and beautiful. They thinks fat girls are ugly and will not be as active as skinny ones. Skinny girls can wear beautiful dresses and skirts. Fat ones cannot wear every clothes. So it is sure that skinny girls will be more pretty than fat ones. Sometimes fat girls aren't as pretty as skinny ones, but sometimes a skinny boy may like a fat girl if she makes him laugh and smile so much he falls for her. even fat girls can be beautiful! :) It's a boy's thing- girls wouldn't understand.

How do you find out the sex of a common goldfish?

girls are fat . boys are skinny .

Do girls prefer a skinner man or a fat man?

they prefer a muscular man. nobodies likes a fat pig or skinny horse

Do guys rather have to fat or to skinny girls?

It really depends on the guy. I personally prefer skinny girls, but I have friends who are attracted to large girls. It varies from person to person.

Do most guys like skinny or fat girls?

Every guy is different, but most just prefer an average girl - neither skinny nor fat.

Do Japanese boys like skinny or fat girls?

They like girls with a little meat on them. In Japan, girls with curves are the epitome of kawaii.

Skinny jeans for boys?

yes boys can wear skinny jeans if their not fat

Fat girls sqeeze skinny guys right?

Although there is less for the girls to squeeze than the skinny guys when they are squeezing the fat girls, fat girls CAN reciprocate this gesture. Despite popular belief, a body "squeeze" does not necessarily require any amount of excess weight. It can be done with little or no fat. The fat girls can squeeze the skinny boys' whole bodies, rather than just hanging onto the fat globs.

Does princeton from mindless behavior like fat girls or skinny girls?

He like girl that can be fat or. Skinny

Do boys like girls who are big but healthy?

Yes, the skinny ones make us feel fat.

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