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It is normally because they are shy. If they are good friends with boys then they act like they normally do around their girlfriends.

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Q: Why do girls act differently around boys?
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How do girls at the age of two act differently from boys?

neurologically 2 years old boys and girls are nearly identical. puberty is the defining time which separates girls from boys.

What are the signs that a girl is shy around you?

Let's say the girl is loud and obnoxious, around you she is calm quiet. Basically they just act differently around you then around other boys (or girls).

How do you know he liks you?

he/she will act differently around you than around other girl/boys.

Do boys in fifth grade act cool and like to hang around girls and boys?

Some boys do act cool around girls because of their age. But certain boys just act like themselves. Also some boys will hang around girls even some of the cool boys. the girl just has to be popular.

Do boys and girls act differently from each other?

Indeed they do. As the French would say, "Viva la difference"!

Why do girls act weird around boys they like?

It is not a proven fact that girls act in such manner. May be it something you observed but it is not general.

Why does boys make girls feel so pissed?

Boys and girls think and act differently, just by their nature. It takes a long time to learn these differences and understand them, then to learn to get along and live with those differences and use them to each other's benefit.

Why girls are more intelligent than boys?

well some boys act like pigs and all girls act nice

What do boys want?

Boys just want girls to act like themsevles when there around them. I know from real life because I have lots and I mean LOTS! of guy friends so just act like you usually act around your girlfriends.

Why do boys act flirty around you but they'll be all over other girls?

Because, boys are stupid. and worthless! Don't waste your time on them (:

Is there more than one type of aspergers?

Yes due to the individual, AS can be mild, moderate (expected) and severe. Boys and girls with AS also tend to act differently in comparison.

Why girls more than intelligent than boys?

well some boys act like pigs and all girls act nice