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Gay men don't eat their own semen more then straight men do. Being gay means you fall in love with other men, it has nothing to do with whether you eat your own semen or not. Those who do either like it or are curious what it taste like. Might be a good thing to do since many men expect someone else to taste it.

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Q: Why do gay men drink their own semen?
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Is It Safe To drink What if your Own semen?


what is problem of drinking semen causes any health problems for men there own semen?

Consuming your own semen will do you no harm.

Can a guy drink his own semen?

yes, and without concern.

Is it normal to drink your own semen?

yes it is testy and sexy

Can a man drink his own semen?

It's not unhealthy unless he has an STD.

Does drinking your own semen make you gay?

No it makes you a very curious individual.

If two gay men want to have kids of their own what is the best way to do it and is it legal or socially acceptable?

It depends on the laws of where you are. In some places gay people can adopt kids. In some places gay men can hire a surrogate mother who will have the child and then hand it over when it is born. Sometimes this will be using the semen of the gay men. If it is legal, then it will probably be (or become) socially acceptable.

Is it gay to eat your own semen?

no, you are just experimenting, most men prefere there own to othersNo of course not. Gay, homosexual, you are if you fall in love with another man. You trying your own semen is experimenting.

Why cant guys eat semen?

Guys do eat semen! Gay guys eat semen all the time. Even some straight guys like eating their own semen.

Are men gay in there own way?

Yes i think they are.

Can I consume my own semen?

sure its only gay if u make it lol

Is it safe to drink your own semen?

Yes it is safe. I do not advise doing that though. It is safe and you can do so if you wish. You cannot give yourself any infection from taking your own semen. Many males masturbate and swallow their own semen. Recent studies have found that consuming human semen reduces depression. You can find an article about that in the related links below.