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They're hungry & they're oral.

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Q: Why do fat girls give good head?
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Do fat guys give good head?

well it depends i got it real good from a guy called stratton and this guy was FAT wooooheee really big and boy did it shoot out with him

Do fat women give better head?

Fat women give much better head than slim women because they consider themselves less attractive and think they have to make up for this situation. I think these women have really good skills and have no problem swallowing every drop. I think a man will stay with a fat and unattractive women if she gives really good head.

Do diggy simmons like fat girls skinny girls or thick girls?

According to Diggy Simmons, he really does not have a preferred body type. He likes women that are sweet, have a good head on their shoulders, are easy to get along with.

Do fat girls look good with bangs?


Do girls think weight loss is good?

no way! girls digg fat guys!

How do you lose neck fat?

give more kids head

What type of girls is Chris Brown in to?

Good fat booty girls but u have to be cute you could be fat but not fat fat girls a ok standard at least a 1 x shirt no more than one x if smaller than one ex then no but that does not matterbe yourslef be cool

How can fat girls go out with someone?

They can because they have good personalities, that people admire.

How can a fat girl look good in a bikini?

it depends if you like chuncky girls. and if the fat chic is willing to wear one

Is sex better with fat or skinny girls?

Thicker girls is better...they climax better and give guys better penetration opportunities and angles

Are big girls fat?

Yes big girls are fat

Does Austin mahone like athletic girls or fat girls?

doyou date a fat girls