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well it depends i got it real good from a guy called stratton and this guy was FAT wooooheee really big and boy did it shoot out with him

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Q: Do fat guys give good head?
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Why do fat girls give good head?

They're hungry & they're oral.

Do fat women give better head?

Fat women give much better head than slim women because they consider themselves less attractive and think they have to make up for this situation. I think these women have really good skills and have no problem swallowing every drop. I think a man will stay with a fat and unattractive women if she gives really good head.

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give more kids head

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No, it is not a good look at all

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no way! girls digg fat guys!

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some actually do - infact the reason is because when they start to get fat, they start to notice how good it the same way

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A fat guys. Actually any guys Women don't fart, they "toot"

Does fat people give better head?

Weight is not much of a factor in skills like fellatio.

Are goats fat?

It depends of nutrition and health, but if you give them good food and you build them a warm shelter they will be pretty fat.

Can fat guys do yoga?


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Doggy style . And in the large bodies of water ...also