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The government made marijuana illegal because they can not put a tax on it.

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Q: Why did the government make marijuana illegal?
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When is the government going to make smoking marijuana a national holiday for Native Americans?

They never will. Smoking marijuana is illegal, and they aren't going to make a holiday for it.

What does the government not want you to grow?

Marijuana is illegal for the public to grow in the U.S..

Why the government thinks weed should be illegal?

The government wants marijuana to be illegal because it would be widely abused, and cause more deaths (mostly by driving under the influence) if marijuana were to be legal. It has negative effects on people.

Should marijuana stay illegal?

no it shouldn't. Marijuana is a plant that has been grown in the ground naturally how can you make a plant illegal? the only thing weed aka Marijuana does to you is make you feel happy about how you feel if anyone thinks this is wrong then leave a comment.

Is smoking marijuana illegal or is it just possessing marijuana?

both are illegal

How is THC regulated?

By the plant it is regulated by the strain of marijuana and the growing conditions of each plant. By the government it is not regulated, it is illegal.

Does the government make money from drugs like weed?

The government makes money from drugs, such as marijuana (weed), in places where they are legal, such as in california, where marijuana is legal and the marijuana is taxed.

Is possession of marijuana seeds illegal in Illinois?

the possetion of marijuana is illegal in the whole country.

Why was marijuana illegal in 1914?

Because the Government is corrupt and Hemp would put cloth out of business for years to come.

Since its the number one cash crop in America every year why is marijuana still illegal and not taxed?

Because the government thinks that marijuana is bad and they will not legalize it because of that even though there are no deaths due to marijuana

Can marijuana make you a queit person?

WikiAnswers does not provide answers about illegal drug usage.

Is possession of marijuana a felony in Nevada?

Possession of narcotics, is illegal in the U.S.A. In Canada, Marijuana is not considered illegal.