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The government made marijuana illegal because they can not put a tax on it.

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2010-09-04 09:59:57
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Q: Why did the government make marijuana illegal?
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Marijuana is good for health?

Yes, it is if you do not abuse it. The government does not want you to know this, that is why they make is illegal.

When is the government going to make smoking marijuana a national holiday for Native Americans?

They never will. Smoking marijuana is illegal, and they aren't going to make a holiday for it.

How did the government make marijuana illegal?

Did it so we couldn't have fun anymore :) Jk I really don't know why he did it.

Is it illegal to grow marijuana or smoke it?

Yes. The US federal government deems it illegal to posess, consume, or cultivate Marijuana period.

Should alcohol be illegal or marijuana be legal?

Well, marijuana can be a controlled substance, although it does have the same affects of alcohol. Yes marijuana can be addictive, and people who are, are called "potheads". But our government legalizes alcohol, and that can be addictive, that's why in America we have people called "alcoholics". If they are going to make marijuana illegal, they might as well just make ALL drugs illegal. Because if you think about it... alcohol is a drug.

What does the government not want you to grow?

Marijuana is illegal for the public to grow in the U.S..

Why the government thinks weed should be illegal?

The government wants marijuana to be illegal because it would be widely abused, and cause more deaths (mostly by driving under the influence) if marijuana were to be legal. It has negative effects on people.

Is smoking marijuana illegal or is it just possessing marijuana?

both are illegal

Is Marijuana illegal in the US?

yes, marijuana iz illegal in all da states except for california Technically it is because they have the tax papers for it but there locked away and the government never gave them to to public.

Should marijuana stay illegal?

no it shouldn't. Marijuana is a plant that has been grown in the ground naturally how can you make a plant illegal? the only thing weed aka Marijuana does to you is make you feel happy about how you feel if anyone thinks this is wrong then leave a comment.

Is smoking marijuana illegal in India?

Yes smoking marijuana is illegal in India. However, in some Hindu rituals marijuana is smoked and offered to god. The people intake a form of marijuana called as bhaang. Bhaang is made of marijuana leaves alongwith spices, almond and cold milk.In some holy cities of India like Varanasi, there are government authorized shops that sell bhaang.However smoking marijuana - yes, it is illegal.

Is possession of marijuana seeds illegal in Illinois?

the possetion of marijuana is illegal in the whole country.

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