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both are illegal

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Q: Is smoking marijuana illegal or is it just possessing marijuana?
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Is weed an illegal substance even though you have a marijuana card?

Yes, "weed", aka cannabis and marijuana, are illegal drugs. In most of the world they are classified as "Class B". Meaning you can be sent to jail just for possessing it.

What charges do you get for smoking pot?

its not illegal to be high. possessing it is illegal and it depends on the state you live in. some states its a felony and u get in a lot of trouble. other stars its a slap on the wrist and u just pay a fine. and of course there are states where medical is legal yet its illegal on the federal level. the charge would be possession of marijuana

Is buying a 100mw Laser Projector off the internet Legal or Illegal in Australia?

legal just like smoking marijuana :)

How can one consume marijuana without smoking it?

You can do it out the window, it will still smell but outside Smoking in a pipe still smells, but somewhat less than a joint.

How can you prevent smoking marijuana?

Just don't.

Has anyone died from just smoking marijuana?

No. There is not a single death attributed to the sole smoking of marijuana. You cannot even physically OD on it.

What does What have you been smoking mean?

It means the person thinks you are crazy or weird, like you've been smoking illegal substances. They are insinuating that, from your behavior or what you just said, you must have been smoking something illegal in order to behave that way or say what you just said. Example: Bob: I think Mary really likes me! Bill: Dude, what have you been smoking? She totally hates you.

Is there any proof that smoking promethazine with codien on a blunt of marijuana will get you any higher than just smoking a blunt of marijuana?

It will make you fee low

What are some causes of marijuana use?

the causes of smoking marijuana is stress peer pressure or your just dumb.

If you become addicted to marijuana how do you get clean?

1) Marijuana is Non-addictive 2) Just Stop Smoking it

How can you stop smoking marijuana?

Just stop smoking it and avoid being around those who do.

Is smoking hukkah illegal?

No. Hooka is just tobacco which is not illegal if you are of age to posses it.