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Q: Why did the euopeans turn to African slaves after using the natives Americans for so long?
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Who enslaved African slaves?

Europeans and Americans.

Where were the slaves imported from?

In America, slaves were imported from Africa, hence why people of color are called African Americans today.

Why did Europeans view African slaves as a better a source of labor than Native Americans?

There are 3 Answers! Be sure to get them all.AnswerAfricans were immune to the conditions and diseases. It was because the africans were already in contact with the europeans when they had started trading with one another. Europeans felt they could indur the climate because of their skin color. Many Native Americans started to die off because of the diseases. Alot of the native Americans also started to escape,fight back, and many of them died off. They also felt that Africans were cheaper. AnswerThe Native Americans were less resistant to the diseases that the Europeans brought over. The Portuguese and other sailors had already made the selling of African slaves an established trade. In North America, the settlers initially weren't in a position to take Native Americans as slaves because they lived a precarious existence that needed to be at peace with the Natives to continue. AnswerThere were more Africans available and the Europeans found it more pracitcal to buy Africans from Africans than to attempt to capture "Native Americans."

How did the European get the African slaves?

The Europeans purchased the African slaves from other Africans, kings or tribal leaders.

Why did euroeans do when the number of native Americans failed to meat their labor needs?

They never really tried to enslave the Native Americans. Th Spanish did use Native Americans as slaves in mines and missions. The African slave trade solved all labor problems.

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Why is it easier to have black slaves then natives?

I think it is because there were a lot more African-Americans than Native Americans.

How did the natives respond to euopeans at this time and were they expected to assimilate?

Natives did not except the Europeans being on their territory. The Europeans tried to take control and make natives convert their religion to Christianity or make them their slaves. They usually did take control because they had superior weapons compared to the natives.

Were all African-Americans slaves?

Not all African Americans were slaves. Many were free African Americans while others were so light in their skin color so they could pass as a white. Some free African Americans owned slaves themselves.

Slave owners created diffuculties for free African Americans because?

In the south there were no "free African Americans ". All African Americans in the southern states were slaves. Therefore, slaves owners didn't create problems for free African Americans because they never met a free slaves.

How did Americans and native Americans interact.?

The natives were scared and th e european s were wanting them to be there slaves

Do slaves and free African Americans mingle?


What kinds of people were not slaves?

not African Americans

What groups were used as slaves?

African Americans

Were there only African-Americans as slaves?


Who enslaved African slaves?

Europeans and Americans.

Why were slaves African-Americans?

slaves were African Americans because white people thought other colored people were different from them and segregation is another reason

Did freed African Americans own slaves in the 1800s?

Well, your mom had quite a few slaves back in the day