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They never really tried to enslave the Native Americans. Th Spanish did use Native Americans as slaves in mines and missions. The African slave trade solved all labor problems.

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Q: Why did euroeans do when the number of native Americans failed to meat their labor needs?
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Why did the number of enslaved africans increase in the 1600s?

The English colonists gradually turned to the use of African after efforts to meet their labor needs with enslaved Native Americans and indentured servants failed.

Which of these would be most useful in studying the effect of germs exchange between the New and Old Worlds?

a graph showing the number of native americans between 1492 and 1600~ bunybo luv ya 4eva

When did native americans first exist?

Not exactly. For them there was no difference between the lands they left behind (modern Asia) and the lands they moved into, since they were all one continuous land mass.Imagine yourself 20,000 years ago living in a hunting band in the area that is now Panama. Your hunting band moves south-east to follow the animals you are hunting; you keep following those animals, making new camps and finding fresh water sources as you go. Eventually you will be in South America - but nothing is any different to the place you started from, so it would not seem like you have discovered new land. There's just a lot of it - and no humans are there already.That's exactly how it was for those Neolithic hunters following game animals into the Americas.

Which two European countries do the largest number of Americans claim their ancestors came from?

Germany and Ireland are the European countries most associated often with American ancestry. Over 87,000,000 Americans claim to have ancestors from these two countries.

Historians agree that the Native American population of about 145 million in the Americas was systematically and intentionally destroyed by Europeans?

The opinion is pretty much split down the middle and hinges on whether or not there was intent. First of all this number is controversial and varies amongst historians and critics. The numbers of deaths are also estimated from a time span of centuries with deaths attributed to a variety of causes. Many of the deaths can be attributed to disease which would be classified as death by natural causes. However, European Americans soon became aware of the lack of immunity to common diseases the natives had. There have been accusations that blankets that had been infected with smallpox were deliberately given to Native Americans. If you add to that the brutality of the Indian Wars, disease and famine as well as lives lost on the "Trial of Tears", many causes can be attributed to the deaths.

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Why did the number of enslaved africans increase in the 1600s?

The English colonists gradually turned to the use of African after efforts to meet their labor needs with enslaved Native Americans and indentured servants failed.

Why were such a small number of colonists able to nearly wipe out the Native Americans in New Netherlands?

The colonists sent out an army to wipe out all of the native Americans because the native Americans were killing all of the colonists and that is why there was such a small group of colonists.

A large number of the early colonists of Canada were?

native americans

Who made the number zero?

The Maya Native Americans did and made the first number system. By A.S.

How have immigration patterns change the US population?

It has substantially increased it. Before immigration, there were only native americans. Then European immigrants arrived, and the number of people who were not native americans increased a huge amount while the number of native american people significantly decreased.

Were native Americans prominent in the history of the New Hampshire colony?

I don't know as they were "prominent." I've read some papers that state that 3000 Native Americans inhabited NH when we arrived but that half than number remained in 1700. There are a number of stories that involve Native Americans such as the story of Hanna Dustin and the founding of Franklin.

How many Indians were killed in the old west?

Not many, when you compare that number to the number of Native- Americans killed.

What did Native American discover?

There are a number of things that the native Americans discovered. The most important was the discovery of America itself where they first settled.

How did Native American get in Georgia?

Native Americans were already in Georgia before it was settled, or called Georgia. There were a number of tribes that lived in the area.

How did the increased number of settlers affect native Americans?

very badly They had their land stolen and nearly got wiped out.

What were the reasons that the US and the Native Americans entered the war 1812?

Hey i just met u and this is crazy, but here's the native american's number so call me maybe?

What was the effect of the Columbian exchange on native Americans?

Brought new diseases back to England and existing diseases to the new land - causing large number of deaths due to the unprotected Native Americans' immune system not recognizing the illness and fighting it off.