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Q: Why did southern leaders praise the dred Scott decision of 1857?
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What is the southern view about the dred Scott decision?

They were delighted. It appeared to mean that every state in the Union was open for slavery.

What caused Southern slave owners to be happy with the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision?

Southern slave owners were happy with the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision because it allowed them to take their slaves into slave free territories and not give up ownership. The case undermined local sovereignty.

Why were southern states governments mostly pleased by the supreme courts died Scott decision?

The decision made slavery legal and slaves were properly without rights or citizenship.

Why would southern political leaders praise the supreme court decision in dred Scott v sanford in 1857?

Because the court had sensationally ruled that slavery was legal in every state of the Union. They had decided to interpret the Constitution in the way that the Founding Fathers would have done. When they declared that a man's property was sacred, they would have included slaves within their definition of property. The Court had also declared that a black man could not be an American citizen, and had no business taking a white man to court. All of this was music to the ears of the Southern planters.

What has the author RBY Scott written?

R.B.Y Scott has written: 'The psalms as christian praise'

What did the dred Scott decision reveal about southern attitudes towards slavery?

They believed that since slaves were their property that they could have property wherever they pleased :]

What effect did the Dred Scott Supreme Court case have on Dred Scott's freddom and on the Missouri Compromise?

Scott didn't win his freedom and the decision reinforced the idea that slaves were property. The Missouri Compromise was a blow to the southern states to gain more slave states. I don't think the Scott decision added anything to the compromise, but it did entrench slavery in the states where it existed.

Why did southern slavery supporters approve of the Dred Scott US Supreme Court's decision?

The Dred Scott decision by the US Supreme Court in 1857 confirmed what large scale slave owners in the south always believed. That was that slavery was legal under the US Constitution. The Court's decision was controversial, however, only a constitutional amendment could change that decision.

How did the northerners and southerners react to the Dred Scott decision?

Southerners were delighted with the Dred Scott decision, but northerners were outraged.

The Dred Scott decision on the issue of slavery upheld the Southern viewpoint that?

...slavery was protected by the constitution on the grounds that a man's property was sacred and slaves were property.

What group was benefited most by dred Scott decision?

Southerners benefited the most from the Dred Scott Decision.

What did Stonewall Jackson think of the Dred Scott Decision?

Stonewell Jackson thought Dred Scott Decision was a supid idea