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Some white people did not want to help the slaves because they were afraid of being persecuted, they agreed with slavery or they were disinterested by the idea of slavery and therefore felt no need to help slaves. However, the answer depends on what you mean by 'help the slaves'. Because it could denote fighting against slavery or helping slaves escape.

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Q: Why did some white people not want to help the slaves?
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During slavery did white let slaves have a education?

yes but some white people didnt offer an education to their slaves.

Why was the underground railroad famous?

thats where harriet tubman and about 300 other slaves escaped from slavery. Some nice white people would help them.

Did black Africans make slaves of other black people?

yes its why they sold them to white folk is because they were already slaves just the same as some white ppl enslaved some white ppl

What rights did whites share with slaves?

With the exception of the small minority of white who were slaves (usually for a set length of time) slaves did not have the same rights as white people. Even some white immigrant groups did not have the same rights as white. And in the case of white women they had fewer rights then men.

Who owns plantations?

some people that owned it some people that owned it

Why did white men help slaves?

Some white men helped slaves due to moral beliefs against slavery, religious convictions, or a sense of empathy towards the suffering of others. Some also helped slaves for personal gain or to align with political agendas.

How did some brave people help slaves escape to freedom?

the under groundrail road :) welcomethey care about people

Did people try to help slaves run away in 1774?

Some did yes. Especially the Quakers

Were some slaves black?

Technicaly, because in Colonial America, There were"Inden.tured Slaves" that were white; 100+years later, the white people kidnapped the Africans and forced them to work all day except Sunday, against their will

Why are black people allowed to be racist to white people?

Some Black people hold the belief that they were once slaves to the current generation of White people, so they believe that their ancestors have given them the ability to be racist to white folks who have done nothing to them.

Do humans help or hurt white tigers?

Well the answers isn't quite clear but i think some people hurt them and some people help them.

Did African Americans own other African American as slaves?

Before the Civil War, some free African Americans owned slaves and a few also employed white people.