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slow metabolism and you need to do exercise.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: Why are you fat from not eating?
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Can you get fat eating jolly ranchers?

Eating any type of candy can make you fat, yes. It's called junk food because it has no nutrition - only calories which is why you get fat eating it.

Will you get fat from eating a lot of freeze pops?

I'm pretty sure you can get fat by eating a lot of anything.

How much fat can you get by eating candy?

you can get really fat kid.

Does lying down on your stomach while eating make you fat?

Posture while eating would not make someone fat. It depends more on what you are eating.

Why is it healthy to eat polar bear fat and eating cow fat unhealthy?

It's not. Who ever said eating polar bear fat was healthy?

How you can reduce your intake of fat?

Eat less junk foods and also eating half fat foods instead of always eating whole fat.

Does it say anywhere in the Old Testament of the bible that eating fat is unholy?

No it does not mention in the bible that eating fat is unholy.

How can you reduce your fat eating?

Stop eating butter Stop eating ice-cream Stop eating fast-food Stop eating fat kind of meat, pork chops, ham etc

Why is eating polar bear fat healthy and eating cow fat healthy?

I don't know about polar bear fat, but I know that eating cow fat isn't healthy. Eating any form of fat in large quantities is not healthy. Fat is very essential for a healthy body but at the same time, excess fat in diet may lead to obesity, cholesterol, heart problems etc.

What does the prefix -ate mean?

You are obviously to fat, so you should stop eating :)

Is eating out healthier than eating at home?

No. There is more fat, salt and calories in eating out.

Is eating fat possible?


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