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There are multiple websites that can help you find a decent long term weight loss diet plan. Some of these websites are:,, and All three sites offer great long term weight loss diet plans.

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2011-09-12 16:35:51
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Q: Why are there no decent long term weight loss diet plans?
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Are fat free diet plans effective?

"Fat free diet plans are not effective in the long term. You may lose weight initially but it is not realistic, or healthy, to maintain a fat free diet."

What is the best diet plan to lost weight?

There are a number of diet plans available to help you reach your goal. The most effective plans are those that help you reduce your caloric intake via a balanced diet that you can live with for the long term. Examples include Weight Watchers and

Where can I research weight loss diet plans?

Forums on websites such as provide places where people currently trying to lose weight talk about how they're doing it. A number of websites also exist for reviews on book diet programs, such as the Sonoma Diet and the Long Beach diet.

What are high fiber diet plans?

The 30 bananas a day diet, the diet yogurt diet and the Atkins diets are all extremely high in fiber. I personally recommend the Atkins diet, and it helps you lose the most weight in the long term.

Is Jenny Craig considered to be a healthy diet to lose weight?

Jenny Craig is one of the most respected diet plans on the market. As long as one eats the food provided with the plan, one can lose weight in a healthy way.

Are there any healthy long term extreme weight loss diet plans available?

While there are many extreme weight loss diet plans out there, they do not guarantee long term success. Liquid diets include Medifast and Optifast. Pre-packaged food diets such as Jenny Craig are very popular, but will you buy your food from them for life? Then there are the radical diets such as the but for how long?

Diet Plans That Work For You?

There are literally hundreds of diet plans to lose weight. The key is choosing a diet that works with an individual's specific tastes and lifestyle. A diet should be evaluated for effectiveness as well as healthiness. Fasts and rapid weight loss diets may result in quick weight loss, but they are not always healthy and do not help for long-term weight management. Sensible diets include those that call for a reduction in fat intake and in some cases, a reduction in carbohydrates. An increase in water intake is almost always recommended and is conducive to any diet plan.

Find Quick Weight Loss Diets Online?

Do you have a wedding or reunion that you need to drop a quick five pounds for? Is there a pair of skinny jeans that you must fit into in the next few weeks? Quick weight loss diet plans can be found on the internet and can help you drop quick five pounds -- or more. These plans will have you drastically change your diet for a short time. As a caveat, be warned that many of these plans are not healthy in the long term and often consist of losing water weight. Check with your doctor before beginning any diet plan.

What are the different long term diet plans available?

I read a really great article on webMD about taking the elements of various diet plans and making a list of the parts of each that work for your lifestyle and personality to create your own diet plan. Because you custom tailor it to yourself it is easier to stick with and have long-term success. Here is a link to the article:

How effective is the new atkins diet plan?

The atkins diet plan is good for losing weight but it's not ment for long term plans. It is most effective when used for short terms. There is more information in the link below.

How much weight is unhealthy for a 180lb woman to lose fast?

Regardless of your weight, most diet plans recommend a weight loss of 1/2 lb to 1 lb per week in order to be successful in the long run. Quick weight loss usually leaves you vunerable to quick weight gain.

Long Term Weight Loss With The Hershberg Diet?

Developed by doctor Melissa Hershberg, the diet program that bears her last name is designed for long term weight loss. Unlike some fad diets that guarantee only short term loss of weight, the Hershberg diet is meant to last for years. This diet program can be used to maintain a healthy weight in the long term. Most diet plans focus on the major nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, and protein. However, doctor Hershberg's diet program calls for the consumption of other essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. The Hershberg diet does not require physical exercise in order to work, but instead it is entirely based on a list of recipes that are carefully selected.

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