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My best estimate would be Stevens.

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Q: Who manufactured the rifle marked Ranger 101.11?
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Who manufactured the ranger 103-2 rifle?


Who manufactured the Ranger model 103-13 22 cal rifle?

Marlin is about same as model 81

Who manufactured a rifle marked only with Ranger 22 Long Rifle?

Ranger 22 were made by serval different companies Stevens , marlin, Winchester,savage just to name a few. How ever there should be a model # on it . Check out Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog .I too have a .22 target rifle marked on ranger.22 long rifle cannot find any other writing or numbers.I too also have the ranger 22LR. looking for the proper scope base model or size to fit the large barrel size barrel very large most commenly called target barrelThis is likely a Savage/Stevens Model 416 sold through Sears as explained above. This model just said RANGER-.22 LONG RIFLE with no model number.

what year was the Winchester ranger with the serial number 5587926 manufactured?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 94 ranger rifle was made in the year 1990.

Who made a 22 caliber rifle marked ranger 101 18 short long long rifle semiautomatic?

Sears- jc Higgins

Does ranger model 101-19 shot short long and long rifle shells?

If not marked on the barrel, have a gunsmith check it out.

What is the model of an old single shot bolt action Ranger .22 rifle with no model designation marked anywhere and what is its approximate age?

We have a Ranger bolt action rifle with a model # 103-8. We do not know the age of our gun however.

What is the age of a 22 LR Ranger 101.16 semi-automatic rifle marked smokeless greased only?

Made by Stevens in the 1930's.

What is ballpark estimate on Ranger Model 36 bolt action rifle mfg dates?

The Ranger 36 cross-references to a Marlin 80 with an adjustable trigger. This model was manufactured from 1935 to 1939.

What. 22 caliber rifle by Mossberg is marked as a Wards Western Field 110.41?

My research indicates that this rifle was a Mossberg Mod. 46 which was manufactured in the late 1930's and early 40's

When was colt lighting rifle serial number 71983 manufactured?

your rifle was manufactured in 1894.

Who made the Ranger 22 rifle?

Ranger was a Sears Roebuck trademark. The guns were manufactured by several makers. If you have a model number, it may be in a cross-reference list. See