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stocky stocks

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Q: Who makes thumbhole stocks for Remington 788 rifles?
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Who makes rifles in 338 RUM?


Who makes eddy stone rifles?

Remington was one.

What size ammo does a remmington use?

Remington makes a variety of rifles and shotguns using various sizes of ammunition.

Who makes the best 308 rifle?

Sorry- there IS no ONE "best". Ruger, Browning, Winchester, Savage, Remington ALL make very good rifles- but there are also European makers that have great rifles.

Does Remington make a gun with a detachable magazine?

Remington makes multiple rifles with detachable clips. The 742 and 760 both have detachable magazines. The Remington model 700 can be readily altered to a detachable magazine, parts are sold in Cabela's, and other suppliers.

Who makes the best firearms?

Well really its all a matter of opinion and i would be happy to give you mine. For Shotguns Remington For Pistiols Colt For Rifles Ruger For sniper rifles Barrett hope this helps Beathalor

Who makes rifles chambered to a 308 caliber?

Many, many manufacturers. Remington, Winchester, Ruger.. those would be the big name ones, but there's a whole lot more.

Where were rifles made?

Almost every country makes rifles

Who makes tikka rifles?


Remington model 700 25-06?

Yes, Remington makes the 700 in that caliber.

Rifle makes of midland?

Are you asking about double rifles,rook rifles or bolt action.

Who makes 17hmr center fire rifle?

Nobody. The .17 HMR (for Hornady Magnum Rimfire), is a rimfire cartridge, not a center fire cartridge.Anschutz, CZ-USA, Henry, Weatherby, Ruger, Remington, Marlin, Browning, Savage, and Crickett are among the list of manufacturers who manufactures .17HMR rifles, but, as with the cartridge, they are all rimfire rifles.