Who makes tikka rifles?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Who makes tikka rifles?
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Where can you find an aftermarket synthetic stock for tikka t3 lite rifles?

Try the gunworx website. They have after market Tikka T3 Stocks in Laminate and Synthetic and ship all over the world. I know a few people who have them. Laminated after market Tikka T3 Stocks Aftermarket synthetic stock for Tikka t3 lite

What year did Ithaca make a bolt action rifle?

Ithaca didn't actually manufacture the rifles, rather they imported and distributed rifles manufactured by Tikka in Finland. I believe these were all during the early to mid 1970s.

Where were rifles made?

Almost every country makes rifles

Ithaca 270 model lsa-65 info?

British action. - Incorrect. The Ithaca LSA-55 and LSA-65 are both products of Tikka, which is a Finnish arms manufacturer. The LSA-65 was their long action, 30-06 etc, whereas the LSA-55 was their short action, 308's etc. Excellent rifles, as are all of Tikka's rifles. Very hard to find parts for, but well worth it if you have one. They do not sell for very high prices, so this is an excellent way to get yourself a discount long as you dont need parts.

What is a review of Tikka firearms?

You could certainly do a lot worse than a Tikka firearm. As a sister company of Sako (who make some of the finest factory rifles available), Tikka firearms tend to shoot straight and have very smooth actions. Some people take a little bit of time to get used to the synthetic stock, but once you've become acquainted and grown comfortable you'll never give it a second thought.

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