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All I have is that Premier was a trade name used by Montgomery Ward. My guess is that it would have been before the 1940's, but that is only because their guns from the 50's and newer are pretty well cross-referenced to the manufacturers.

Answera Premier ,Trail Blazer is a Stevens model 29A


Premier (marked on top of barrel) single-shot .22 was a Mossberg model B originally distributed by the Taylor Fur Co. if it has a two piece bolt (with screw) between 1928-1930 & if it has a one piece bolt it was distributed by Montgomery Ward between 1930-1932. This is Mossbergs first bolt action single-shot and they are quite rare but still only sell for around $200

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Well, I found out the hardway that is is not exactly a Steven 29A. The breechboth is too small for the Trailblazer to function.

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The "Premier" brand was manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons starting around 1927 - 1928 for Montgomery Wards. It is a hammerless, take-down, octagonal barrel, pump action .22 caliber rifle and was sold by O.F. Mossberg as the Model "M". Mossberg also manufactured 2 round barreled versions the model "K" and the shorter model "S". Victor & Cheryl Havlin discuss and picture this model in their book "Mossberg: More Gun For The Money"

If you need any Parts for it I have 3 Parts guns instock

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Will the 29a stock fit on a premier?ย 
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Do you still have the parts guns
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Q: Who made the Premier 22 caliber rifle?
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