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no he doesnt have a girlfriend but i would love to be his girlfriend

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Q: Who is valy hedjasi girlfriend?
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What is Valy's last name?

hedjasi .........valy hedjasi

Where is valy hedjasi from?

valy is actually from Afghanistan

What is valy hedjasi's favorite color?

His favourite colour is white.

Where can you meet Valy Hedjasi?

well you can meet him in bollywood that's where i meet him?

Is valy married?

No!!!!!!! Valy Hedjasi is not married! Valy is currently single.- Valy was engaged to a KABULI girl like the usual Herati guys dumps them. But he is now single and ready to mingle like a European gigolo.

Does valy have a girlfriend?

Yess..her name is.... i can not say that!!!!!

How did valy hedjasi become famous?

Valy made the 'Bia Tu' music video and never thought he would become famous from it so he didnt try. But the studio who recorded the video desided to put it on Youtube and from there sooo many people loved it and it became an instant hit. One perticular viewer of the Youtube video was from an Afghan TV Station and aired Valy's BIA TU video on TV. From there he became and over night success and the TV host contacted Valy and received his other songs to air on TV and download to Youtube. From there he became the most popular Afghan singer :)

What is Valy's birthday?

Valy was born on May 29, 1986.

What is the population of Valy Cheb District?

The population of Valy - Cheb District - is 420.

What is the birth name of Valy Arnheim?

Valy Arnheim's birth name is Appel, Valentin..

What is the area of Valy Cheb District?

The area of Valy - Cheb District - is 4,280,000.0 square meters.

When did Valy Arnheim die?

Valy Arnheim died on November 11, 1950, in Berlin, Germany.