Who is the yellow flash in Naruto?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Yellow Flash is the 4th Hokage. He was also Kakashi's sensei. Plus HE IS the Father of Naruto!!!

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Q: Who is the yellow flash in Naruto?
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Will naruto be as strong as Yondaime the Fourth Hokage or The Yellow Flash?

the fouth hokage is the yellow flash

When will naruto learn yellow flash?

No, Naruto is not the Yellowflash. The yellowflash was the Yondaime or as many know him, the 4th Hokage, HIS FATHER.

Is nagato naruto's brother?

yes because the yellow flash also known as the fourth hokage dated his mom and she had his first son then they broke up and the yellow flash found naruto's mom and she had his 2nd son okay.

Will Naruto master yellow flash?

In the Manga, Naruto inherits greater power thanks to his full control over the kyuubi. Right after that moment Kisame comes into the scene and is about to attack Naruto and his group when Naruto (in his new mode) attacks Kisame in a quick motion. The 8-tailed jinchuuriki within the group comments how he saw nothing but a yellow flash.

Who was the fourth Hokage in the show Naruto?

The fourth hokage was Naruto Uzumaki's father, also known as Minato Namikaze and Konoha's Yellow Flash.

How do you unlock the yellow flash in Naruto accel 2?

download acion replay max 33.3

Who was Kakashi's sensai when he was a geniune?

The fourth hokage or known as the yellow flash or known as naruto's father

What Naruto manga does he get referred to a Yellow Flash?

[Contains Spoilers] Well, acctually, Naruto is at one stage. When he finally defeats the Nine Tails and acquires it's power, He attacks Kisame (who was hidding in Samehade-AKA Sharkskin). Killer Bee and Yamato refer to him as 'yellow flash'.

Was the flash Kakashis teacher?

Yes, Kakashi was a student of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, not The Flash. The Flash is a character from DC Comics and not associated with the Naruto series.

What video game is the 4th Hokage in?

He is called the Yellow flash in Naruto Ultimate ninja Heroes 3 and onwards

What are the names of some naruto flash games?

You can find some Naruto Flash based games from Flash Card Game Battle, Naruto Fever, My Naruto Games, Brother Games, Games List, and some Naruto fan forums can probably give more links on where to find some Naruto Flash games.

Is the yellow flash in the new Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 game?

if you mean minato (the fourth hokage) he is on the game.