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natu kaka is the bf of moonmoon dutta

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Q: Who is munmun duttas boyfriend?
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What is the age of munmun dutta?

munmun datta is 49 years old (2012)

Is munmun dutta married?

well i think that munmun is a bit nude and naked but this is her job she gets money for all this rubbish thing you gota be practical she is an actress she needs to show her body and get the money thats all what i think of munmun.

When is munmun dutta birthday?


What is the name of munmun dutta's actual husband?

vinay jain

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Moonmoon Dutta is the actress who plays role as Babita in the TV serial "Tarak Mehta Ka Ultah Chashmah".

What is real name of babita?

The real name of the actress who plays Babita in the Indian TV show "Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah" is Munmun Dutta.

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