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who is your boyfriend? who is your boyfriend?

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Q: Picture of joe chen and her boyfriend?
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Is joe chen has a boyfriend?

yes...she has a Australian boyfriend yes...she has a Australian boyfriend

Who is the boyfriend of joe chen?

Lan Cheng Long ?

Who was joe chen's ex boyfriend in showbiz?

A guy with a big pickle

Who is Ethan ruan that is boyfriend of joe chen?

Ethan ruan stars in the soap: Fated to Love You.. and also stars in Hana Kimi

Is Baron Chen related to Joe Chen?

Yes they are sisters

What is the birthday of joe chen and Ethan ruan?

I only know that Joe Chen's birthday is on the 4th of April...

Who is joe chen qiao en's boyfriend?

= joe chen qiao en and boyfriend Michael =

Ella chen's boyfriend?

Wu chun.

Who is Ella Chen's boyfriend?

Wu chun

Who is the current boyfriend of Tammy Chen?

Daniel Henney

Does joe chen has a girlfriend?

first of all its Does Joe Chen have a girlfriend? and who is that anyway and if you really want to know then read people :P :D

What name chen qiao en boyfriend?

Michael, from Australian.