Who is Evan ellingson dating?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Who is Evan ellingson dating?
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What is the birth name of Evan Ellingson?

Evan Ellingson's birth name is Evan Taylor Ellingson.

What nicknames does Evan Ellingson go by?

Evan Ellingson goes by Ev.

When was Evan Ellingson born?

Evan Ellingson was born on July 1, 1988.

What is Evan Ellingson's birthday?

Evan Ellingson was born on July 1, 1988.

How old is Evan Ellingson?

Evan Ellingson is 29 years old (birthdate: July 1, 1988).

In what town was Evan Ellingson raised in?

Evan Taylor Ellingson was raised in the Town of La Verne in California. Evan Taylor Ellingson has starred in such TV Shows such as 24, Titus and CSI: Miami.

How old is Evan ellingson for?

He is 21. born on July 1, 1988

Who plays Kyle Harmon in Csi Miami?

Evan Taylor Ellingson

Is Evan Ellingson and his girlfriend expecting a baby?

yes, he has a baby girl named Brooklyn Taylor Ellingson with his long-term girlfriend Melissa

Who is Kaylee James dating?

Update: Kaylee James said in a recent interveiw that she hasn't been in a serious relationship since Evan Ellingson dissed her in an interveiw a couple months ago, she currently lives with her parent's and little sibling, south of Hollywood.

How tall is Jeff Ellingson?

Jeff Ellingson is 5' 10".

How tall is Lindsay Ellingson?

Lindsay Ellingson is 5' 11".