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Q: Who is Emma lockhart's boyfriend?
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Who is Emma Waston's boyfriend?

It is Daniel Radcliffe is Emma Watston's boyfriend .

Is Rupert Emma boyfriend?

no he is not

Does Emma Watson a boyfriend?

No, Emma Watson is not currently dating anybody.

Is Emma speller single?

No, she has a boyfriend.

How old is Emma Watson's boyfriend?

Emma Watson’s boyfriend is Daniel Radcliffe in fact she is going to marry him and Daniel Radcliffe is 20

Who was Emma Watson's first boyfriend?

I know she had a boyfriend named George Craig and I think that was her first boyfriend.

Who is Emma Watson s boyfriend?

Will Adamowisz.

What is emma pilsburys boyfriend from glee?


Who is Emma Roberts current boyfriend?

Nick Jonas

Does Emma Roberts have a boyfriend at the moment?

yes she does have a boyfreind.

Who is Jay Barrymore?

Emma Watson's ex boyfriend

Has Emma Roberts got a boyfriend?

yes she has alex pettyfer