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Q: What is emma pilsburys boyfriend from glee?
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What is Emma from glee name?

Emma was portrayed by Jayma Mays.

Who is chris colfers boyfriend on glee?

chris colfres boyfriend in glee is blaine

Is Emma in glee episode theatricality?

No, she isn't.

What is Emma's real of glee?

Jayma Mays.

Who is Emma Waston's boyfriend?

It is Daniel Radcliffe is Emma Watston's boyfriend .

What is the name of Jayma Mays in Glee?

Emma Pillsbury.

What is the clean freak called on glee?

Emma Pillsbury

What episode in Glee season 3 does Will propose to Emma?

"Yes/No", the tenth episode of Glee's third season.

Does will schuster and have a baby on glee?

Yes, Will and Emma have a boy named Daniel on Glee.

Who are wemma on glee?

Wemma is Will and Emma's names mixed together.

What is Emma Pilsbury's real name out of glee?

Jayma Mays :)

Where do you get glee cosumes?

Some are on the website 'what would Emma pillsbury wear' and it has some of Emma's and rachel's and i think it tells you where you can get them