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german designer evgeny orgin

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Q: Who invented the rolltop laptop?
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Who is the inventer of rolltop laptop?

German designer Evgeny orkin

Who invented the rolltop desk?

Tomas frudly

Who invented ROLLTOP?

german designer evgeny orgin

When launch roll top?

The rolltop laptop, by Orkin Design,Êis still in the research and developement stage of production. It is not known at this time when or if it will be released.

Is roll laptop launched in market?

Not yet, the Rolltop is still at a stage of research, conception and development according to the developers.

When was the laptop ivented?

the laptop was invented in 1981

Where can a person purchase a luxury rolltop desk?

A luxury rolltop desk may be found at online retailers such as alibaba and onekingslane. Additionally, local listings on craigslist may reveal sellers of used luxury rolltop desks.

Who invented laptops and when?

The laptop computer was invented by a man named Adam Osborne. Adam invented the laptop in 1981.

When was laptop invented?

The laptop was invented in 1981 by a man named Adam Osborne.

Who invented mini laptops and why?

The Mini laptop was invented by Adam Osborne. The mini laptop was invented because it was more lightweight than the original laptop and more portable.

Who was the inventor of the laptop?

Adam Osborne invented the laptop in 1981!

Who was the inventer of laptop?

The first laptop was invented in 1969 by Bill Moggridge.