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Tomas frudly

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Q: Who invented the rolltop desk?
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Where can a person purchase a luxury rolltop desk?

A luxury rolltop desk may be found at online retailers such as alibaba and onekingslane. Additionally, local listings on craigslist may reveal sellers of used luxury rolltop desks.

What is the best way to clean and care for a rolltop desk?

I would say simple dusting and wiping of the desk with a damp towel and water is the safest and easiest way to clean a rolltop desk. This way you are not damaging the desk or its wood.

What is a barrel desk?

a barrel desk has a tambour that is solid, not like a rolltop desk that has a tambour made of slats. the typical barrel desk will have several little cubby holes like a rolltop desk would have. there are some that are quite small and then others are rather large and have a lot of room in them. mine has a writing area that actually slides forward and provides significantly more work area than a rolltop desk.

Who invented ROLLTOP?

german designer evgeny orgin

Who invented the rolltop laptop?

german designer evgeny orgin

I am refinishing an old rolltop desk. I need to glue a new canvas on to the slates of the rolltop. What isa the best glue to use and what is the best technique to use when glueng the canvas to the slates?

Hot hide glue mixed with 10% glycerin for flexibility.

What material is used on a rolltop desk?

Rolltop desks are typically made from wood, with oak and cherry being common choices. The rolling top itself is often made from slats of wood that are connected with canvas or leather to allow it to roll up and down smoothly. Metal hardware, such as locks and handles, are also commonly used in rolltop desks.

When was the desk phone invented?

The first desk telephone was invented in 1937.

Where can one buy roll top computer desk?

Rolltop desks can be purchased from stores like Sears or online at EBay or Kijiji. Another place to find rolltop desks is within the Mennonite communities. Mennonites are well known for their beautiful craftsmanship with building furniture.

What year was the school desk invented?


When is the futuristic rolltop computer coming out?

December 21, 2012

Who is the inventer of rolltop laptop?

German designer Evgeny orkin