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You get chapped lips usually because of weather and the fact that your lips need constant moisture and care.

During dry, hot weather, the moisture in your lips tends to be absorbed or evaporated, and during cold, stormy days, the moisture in your lips also tends to either freeze or dry up. This causes a lack of moisture in your lips, which means they get dry and wrinkled.

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Q: Who do you get chapped lips?
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How do you fix your chapped lips ive been using blitstex for a while and their stilled chapped?

i have really chapped lips and i just put chap stick on over night. when i wake up my lips are hardly chapped anymore.

What are the small red bumps on my child's face accompanying extremely chapped lips?

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What are the benefits of vaseline?

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It is normal to get chapped lips after getting snakebites?

Im sure it is fine. You might have chapped lips because the lip rings are keeping the moisture from getting to your lips. When i got my lip ring my lips got slightly chapped also but make sure you do not put anything on your lips to heal the chapness. This might cause infection in the lip rings. If your lips get TOO chapped you might want to call the peircer and ask about it.

Do chapped lips lead to the flu?

Chapped lips do not lead to flu. It is not possible. You get flu when you come in contact with another patient suffering from flu.

What part of your body is chapped if you have cheilitis?


Do guys like girls with chapped lips?

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How do you say chapped lips in Irish?

Liopaí gágacha

What does a boyfriend mean when he says his lips are dry?

Probably wants a kiss. Or has chapped lips.

When is the best time to put on lip balm to prevent chapped lips?

The best time to apply lip balm to prevent chapped lips is before the lips begin to feel dry. The sooner lip balm is applied, the safer the lips will be.

How do lips get chapped?

"Chapped lips is a condition whereby the lips become dry and possibly cracked. It may be caused by the evaporation of moisture. Often the lips become dry because the layer of oil that is naturally produced by the body to coat the lips is removed or is lacking."-Wikipedia