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Probably wants a kiss. Or has chapped lips.

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Q: What does a boyfriend mean when he says his lips are dry?
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What does skinned lips mean?

Skinned Lips are lips that are very dry and have dry skin peeling off of the top lip.

What does it mean when a woman rubs their lips?

It means nothing.

What does it mean when a women looks at something and starts licking her lips?

1. Her lips could be really dry.2. Or she could think you're tasty. ;D But personally, I only tend to lick my lips when talking to boys when I'm joking around... or my lips are dry. Does anyone actually lick their lips when they think someone's hot? That's stupid.

Will your lips dry up after using lip smackers?

No, it helps for chapped lips, it doesn't dry it up

How do you get multiplayer on lips?

Make your lips dry . Hope this helped ;)

What happens when a boy licks his lips as he passes you?

His lips were dry

Dry lips be a early sign of pregnancy?

Dry lips can be a side effect of pregnancy because of horomonal changes.

Why do lips dry out?

because if yo dont take care the water inyour lips will dry out. this is on of the signs of having a little pebble in your brain. if your lips is dry make sure to drink water or put on chopsticks imedently!

Who do you get chapped lips?

You get chapped lips usually because of weather and the fact that your lips need constant moisture and care. During dry, hot weather, the moisture in your lips tends to be absorbed or evaporated, and during cold, stormy days, the moisture in your lips also tends to either freeze or dry up. This causes a lack of moisture in your lips, which means they get dry and wrinkled.

How do you cure chaped lips and how to prevent it?

To prevent chapped lips you should use a good moisturizing lip balm and apply it before you go to sleep and throughout the day if you feel your lips are dry. You also shouldn't lick your lips if they are dry especially when the weather is cold as this will just dry your lips out and make the problem worse.

How do you sooth dry lips?

Use lip care daily. Treat dry or chapped lips with a medicated lip care product.

How do lips get chapped?

"Chapped lips is a condition whereby the lips become dry and possibly cracked. It may be caused by the evaporation of moisture. Often the lips become dry because the layer of oil that is naturally produced by the body to coat the lips is removed or is lacking."-Wikipedia